tuesday, december 03 >> "Premier Inspiration blog feature"

Amy Ruppel

Amy Ruppel loves design and illustration, computer and craft. Her work is a perfect marriage of her adept and unique digital design and the cool things she creates with her hands.

Dardinelle Troen

Dardinelle Troen's design group focuses on storytelling to connect audiences to experiences in unexpected and relevant ways.

Stephanie Dyer

Stephanie Dyer finds beautiful and intelligent design solutions that nurture user experience and offer deeper connections with our built environment.

Carol Carter

Carol Carter is an established St. Louis painter working primarily in large-scale watercolors and acrylics. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally with work featured in public, private, and award-winning collections.

Kate Troyer

Kate Troyer’s Wippowillow studio celebrates the tradition of community, craftsmanship, and creativity, and presents handprinted, large-scale, silk-screened textile delights.